Saturday, June 16, 2007

On Chick Lit

When I was younger, my tastes tended toward the more "intellectual" literature. The harder to digest and the more abstruse, the more I hurled my brain into taking it on and then discussing it with similarly pompous friends over spaghetti dinners lit by Chianti-bottle-enshrined candles, and scored by jazz soundtracks.

Now, at a rather ripe age, I have discovered there is no shame in the joys of chick lit. (Better late than never) While the plots all seem to blend together after mass consumption, a healthy dose of chick lit is good for the soul. Nothing wrong with a fairy tale - and it's nice to realize I have not become so cynical at the age of 61 that I can't let myself believe (break out the ruby slippers . . . just wish and tap your heels toether.)

I have a long commute to work and have become addicted to chick lit on CDs. Good companionship for long drives. Jennifer Crusie has become a favorite - her dialogue is witty and fun. BTW, my definition of reading does include listening to unabridged CDs or MP3s - and no, it's not cheating, you're just using a different sense to absorb. So, my blog will be a mix of written and audio, nonfiction, chick lit, mysteries, a dash of horror, and even some"serious" literature (some of which is forced on me by the other members of my two bookclubs. I like to pick and chose my own serious stuff. ) Don't get me started on Ann-Marie MacDonald.


tinylittlelibrarian said...

Hey, despite the many horrors within, I couldn't put down Fall on Your Knees! But yes, some of those other serious book club picks...oy.

Welcome to the blogosphere, my friend!!

Suey said...

Welcome! I hope you have a great time blogging about books. I think it's a blast!

Dewey said...

Hi, Tiny Little Librarian sent me!

I don't read much chick lit myself, but I do like a nice relaxing mystery now and then, and I think I'm willing to try anything from any genre if it sound good. So maybe I'll find some new books via your reviews!